Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UCLA Cognitive Rehabilitation Study Needs Participants

I've been asked to post information about UCLA's cognitive rehabilitation study for anyone in the Los Angeles area who might like to participate.
I'm happy to do so. If others reading this blog know of other rehabilitation or intervention programs/studies, please contact me and I'll do my best to help spread the word.

The following is from UCLA's study information sheet.  To learn more, call (310) 825-2520. -- ID

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Were you recently treated for breast cancer? Do you feel that you have problems with memory and concentration since your breast cancer treatments?

Purpose of study:

In this research study, the aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of a rehabilitation group intervention program for breast cancer survivors who are complaining of memory loss and concentration associated with cancer treatments.

What does the study involve?

Visits to UCLA -- if you choose to take part in the research study, we will ask you to come to UCLA for an initial baseline visit, then once a week for a 5-week group intervention. We will then ask you to return for 2 more follow-up visits: a week or two after the group intervention has ended, then 2 months later. The first visit will take about three hours, the group intervention visits are 2 hours each, and the follow-up visits will take approximately 2.5 hours each. You will be mailed a survey questionnaire to complete at your home before your baseline and follow-up visits.

Taking part in a procedure called quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG). An EEG is a test that measures the electrical activity of the brain. The purpose of QEEG is to determine whether or not we can detect EEG patterns associated with cognitive complaints after breast cancer. This procedure will be conducted at 3 time points in the study.

In this study, half of the women will be assigned by chance to participate immediately in the rehabilitation group intervention program and half will be assigned to a wait-list control group. This type of randomized study is necessary to scientifically prove that something is effective. The wait-list control group will also be able to participate in the group intervention, but not until after all the visits have been completed.

Project highlights

About 60 women will take part in the study
All visits will be held at UCLA and are free to study participants
Funding has been provided by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Who is conducting the study?

- Patricia Ganz, M.D., UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
- Linda Ercoli, Ph.D., UCLA Semel Institute
- Steven Castellon, Ph.D., UCLA Semel Institute
- Andrew Leuchter, M.D., UCLA Semel Institute

For more information: (310) 825-2520


  1. Army of Women is recruiting for this study, too! I am STUNNED it's not filled!! Will have to put it on my blog, too.

    And, will go tweet this post, too!!!


  2. Idelle,

    This sounds like such a worthy study. It seems that chemobrain is finally getting recognized as a real after-effect of chemo. I'm glad researchers are taking this more seriously.

  3. I was poking around your site & saw this entry. WOW....makes me mad & sad all over again. I was selected to participate, but sadly, my bosses (physicians!) told me they were "shocked" that I would request time off to participate (5 weeks of every Thursday AM off as it was a set time of 10:00am) & told, "that amount of time off is unacceptable. We expect the office to be your priority during business hours." I was also reminded they "feel we've been more than generous in accommodating your health needs" since they "allowed" me time off for breast cancer surgery (1 month) and recovery from chemo then radiation.That should have been a sign!!!! I now need surgery for possibility of a different type of cancer. I requested time off, which they granted, but fired me a week later because my health is preventing me from being at work all day, every day, without fail. (even healthy people cannot do that!) Oh, how I regret not doing this study as my chemo brain is way worse & I am now too far past the 5-year mark to be eligible. I have no idea how I'll be able to hold a job since I can't retain info, concentrate or finish anything without difficulty. At least at my old job, I was there over 10 years & could delegate, fake it or ask trusted co-workers for help. OK, enough rambling...my point is if they have this study going on again, PLEASE, anyone who is eligible, SIGN UP. The nurse I spoke with was SO helpful & anything involving Dr. Ganz is worth it. Best wishes to all & thank you for everything, Idelle.