Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Resource: An E-Book on Chemotherapy

My friend and colleague, David Drum, sent me this note about his book and I am happy to post it here. -- ID

Hi Idelle,
I wanted to let you know I've recently revised my book, "Making the Chemotherapy Decision" which still contains that very useful forward by Michael Van Scoy-Mosher, MD, MA.
As you know, the first three editions were published a few years ago to good reviews.
The biggest change is the inclusion of more chemotherapy drugs. I couldn't really include them all with all their side effects, but Dr. Van Scoy-Mosher was kind enough to assist in selecting some of the more important new drugs for inclusion. We went from listing the 64 most commonly used chemotherapy drugs up to listing 97, which shows you how many new drugs are being approved these days. Vaccines and other new developments are included, and of course the health insurance situation is constantly changing, as always. Also you'll be happy to know I included some information on "chemo brain," which you and Dr. Silverman are so magnificantly bringing to the attention of the world.

The fourth edition of Making the Chemotherapy Decision is available as an e-book from Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and the other ebook sellers. The press has launched a website to promote the book, too.

Best regards,
David Drum

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  1. I did some research once and i was pretty sure that chemotherapy agents had significant cognitive effects on patients. I found it particularly relevant to the current experiences of other patients that were having with the agent cisplatin effects during and after their therapies. A lot of patients don't realize that these effects are not unique to their situation.

    I would definitely recommend this book as required reading not only for all medical oncologists but also patients.